Orange Soda Offers Start Up Princess Some Fizz…

We are very excited and pleased to announce that Orange Soda, a full-service interactive online marketing company is now a sponsor of Start Up Princess.

I was delighted to meet with two of the Start Up Kings, Chris Finkin and Derek Miner in their very hip and fun new office in Orem and lucky me, it was “Muffin Wednesday” (I smell another magic wand of the day, guys). Yum! They even offered me some orange soda to go with it. Great branding!

Their business provides affordable services for small to mid-sized companies that want to increase their web traffic. The have offices located in Orem, Utah and in Las Vegas.

We have some big dreams for this site and we’re thrilled that Orange Soda is going to help us get there. Thank you, Orange Soda!!


  1. I am the princess of Orange Soda… and just wanted to let you know how excited we are to be working with you. I’m based in Las Vegas and work as the Director of Sales. So please feel free to pass on my info. to anyone in need for a little fizz for their biz.

  2. AB

    I love this blog… can i just tell you that… I came from Paul Allen and i have no clue how i found his blog but regardless i was there and now i’m here and both are filled with great information and inspiration.

    However, this particular topic just attracted me because i’m looking for fizz to be honest and just creative ways to market my products.

    Thanks for the great advice and information…

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