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Everybody’s doing it, including Start Up Princess. Why not you?

images.jpgToday’s Magic Wand: Find a Sponsor. If you want to learn who is one of the best at doing this, read Chris Knudsen’s blog. He doesn’t give a lot of tips in the area on his blog, but he’s the best, you can sense his passion and energy. He does consulting. He’s finding sponsors everyday for his new gig at Podango. That is how you get a sponsor, you sell them on your concept and dream. Today I have a meeting with a potential sponsor for this site who approached me, that’s pretty darn dreamy. But, I’m looking for others and have been approaching them. Found one yesterday to help us with our podcasts in trade for an ad. We want to redesign the site, so I’m going to be approaching a graphic designer…interested?


  1. Kelly:

    Thanks for the plug! We ought to talk sometime about your podcast. Podango may be a solution for you to look at.


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