Answer Her Questions

hollythumb.jpgFairy Godmother, Holly Buchanan, Marketing Expert shares the following post about how to reach your audience more effectively:

What questions are your customers asking? Do you know? Are you answering their questions?

Take a 38 year old mother of 4. She has a big family. She does A LOT of laundry – but she genuinely loves her family and takes pride in a job well done. Her question is, “Is there a towel that can be washed day in and day out, but still remain soft?”

Most towel companies say their towels are soft, but do they remain soft after multiple washings? Lands End answers her question.

Unlike “Treated Towels” Ours Start Out Soft and Become Softer with Every Wash.
Lots of towels are coated with chemicals to make them feel soft on the store shelf. But wash them a couple times and their softness goes down the drain. Not ours! Because we use better cotton and superior construction, our towels get plumper and softer with every wash, Guaranteed.

If she were on a website and saw a link that said “Choose a towel that remains soft through lots of laundering.” Do you think she’d click on it?

Lands End goes on to describe the towel further, which is great. You always want to back up your claim. But most website product copy would start with this copy – it’s typical features/benefit copy you see everywhere.

We use only the top 3% of cotton grown in the United States.. Farmed for its extra-long, strong fibers, Supima cotton feels softer, lasts longer and pills far less. Start with better cotton and you end up with a better towel.

Most companies are so focused on their selling points, they fail to answer her questions. You can give her your selling points once you’ve answered her question – but always answer her questions first. If you’re answering her questions, and your competition’s website isn’t…who is she going to feel better about and ultimately give her money to?

For more of Fairy Godmother Holly’s wisdom visit her blog.


  1. Hi Holly:) I’m thrilled to have another venue to pick your brain from;) I love Kelly’s concept here. And I so wanted to click on the towel link up above, that I was disappointed to discover it was only an underline;)

  2. newspapergrl

    Thanks for the tips. I absolutely believe in knowing your customers or even potential customers. When marketing to women we love a lot of information and detail that solves our problems. Like Lisa, I wanted to click on that link. They should be sending out press releases with that link. Articles with that link. But you hit it just right, if you reach us we will buy. In fact, I’m tempted to go to Land’s End right now…I need some new towels!

  3. Fixed the underline, sorry we didn’t notice that. Thanks for the tip! 🙂 I guess it really proves that Holly’s making an excellent point here.

  4. totally agree with Holly.

    What new moms want is some relief from the fear of not knowing what their
    babies need or want. Every mom fears having the kid in the grocery store
    who are screaming on the floor.

    So, our tagline is Stop Tantrums, Start Conversations.

    Moms care about the fact that their babies IQ will be 12 points higher and
    that they will love reading, but that doesn’t solve their immediate issues.

    I am looking forward to learning more from Holly!

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