Strengthen Your Brand: Don’t Give Away Your Vendors

The Hearthsong Holiday Catalog just arrived and we immediately poured over its contents.

My Kids’ Top Favs:

  • Digital Spy Camera
  • Legends of Magic
  • Happyville Blocks (a toy we’ve enjoyed for years), still in this year’s catalog
  • Dimple Dolls
  • Stove and Sink Combo

My Favs:

  • They NEVER list their vendors. This forces people to end the search for producst with them, and just give in and purchase. No searches on ebay or sites like froogle, they strengthen their brand and their revenues this way!
  • They are educationally based, high-quality products
  • They stick to classics, not trends like movie-driven or character-based toys

My Disappointments:

  • They don’t sell Sign Babies Flash Cards by Start Up Princess, Nancy Cadjan, they really should, 100 other stores and sites do!
  • Shipping Fees; too high (they should read’s Holiday Tips), if I’m spending $150 with them I don’t want to pay shipping at all, (they charge $18 for a $150 order). That might make me look at Amazon or other sites for free shipping, but hey! They’re smarter than me because I don’t know the vendors to even search. So, I’ll buy from them because they’re great at what they do…and they live up to their motto “Toys You’ll Feel Good About Giving”

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