Introducing Fairy Godmother, Holly Buchanan, Marketing Expert

hollythumb.jpgMeet our newest Fairy Godmother, Holly Buchanan, Marketing Expert! Holly Buchanan is the Senior VP of Client Services at Future Now Inc., a leader in website conversion and persuasion architechture.

I had the privilege of meeting Holly last week and enjoyed an excellent chat and some “Fairy Godmothering” from her about the direction of Start Up Princess. Let’s just say that there’s some really great things in store for this little site!
Lucky us, Holly loves our site and has agreed to be a Fairy Godmother for us Start Up Princesses. So exciting! What’s more is that she’s writing a book with Wonderbranding’s Michele Miller about Marketing to Women Online that will be out next Spring.

Fairy Godmother Holly says:

It’s hard to believe I’ve been in this business over 20 years.

I began my career in the radio industry as a copywriter and creative director. It was the perfect training ground for the work I do today. I worked with over a thousand clients. (that’s right – averaged over one hundred every year) We had 5 radio stations with formats ranging from adult contemporary, to country, to alterntive rock. A typical day included meetings with clients as varied as high end jewelers and strip clubs. But I got a hands on view of what copy spoke to those different audiences, what worked and what didn’t.

From radio copywriting I moved on to copywriting for advertising agencies creating TV, print, direct mail and online ads.

That’s when I hooked up with the now world famous best-selling authors Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg at Future Now. I’ve been with them for 2 years working with clients to create websites that convert visitors into customers. Our patent pending Persuasion Archictecture process is a persona-based business model that maps the customer’s buying process to your selling process. The focus is on persuading your visitors to take action. Find out more at

I split my time between Richmond, Va, our offices in Brooklyn, NY, and a charming old whaling village called Sag Harbor. I am often accompanied by my four-legged assistants, Boris and Natasha, who can sometimes be heard voicing their opinions on conference calls.

Welcome to Start Up Princess, Holly, we look forward to learning your magical marketing tips!


  1. great feature of women in the know.
    thank you!

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    […] Fairy Godmother, Holly Buchanan, Marketing to Women online expert (she’s currently preparing to release a book next spring written with Wonderbranding’s Michele Miller). Here Holly shares valuable insight originally featured on her blog: […]

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