The Secret Revealed…

On Friday we had two Start Up Princess events where we discussed the film, The Secret. The first was a national free conference call where we had women entrepreneurs from all over the country on the line while we discussed the powerful message. The second event was held informally with several local Start Up Princesses at my house where we ate dinner and discussed the film. It was an inspirational day!

cadjanson.jpgNancy Cadjan, of Sign Babies was our discussion leader.

She says: The Secret to Life is that you have all the power to create your life–the good and the not so good. By the power of your thoughts and feelings, you attract to you what you think and dwell on. If you want to have something happen in your life, take time to imagine what the feeling of having that thing happen is like. In my case, I imagine what it is like to have my company known across the country and helping families everywhere. It is happening.

Lorri Randle of Copperrain Productions played the devil’s advocate a bit and brought up good points that got missed in the film. She wrote, Just because you have positive thoughts doesn’t mean that things will fall into your lap-you still have to work for them and it doesn’t mean you wont face negative situations either.

You may want something very badly and have all the positive thoughts you need, but #1. It might take time for it to happen #2. It might not be the best thing for you.

I think we all agreed that people can tell what you are thinking because your attitude reflects that. If you are always thinking negative thoughts, you will attract those who also think negative thoughts. If you have positive thoughts, you will attract those with positive thoughts. When you face a negative situation, you can make it worse through your thoughts. Having a positive attitude and facing obstacles as growth challenges to look forward to definitely can shape the future of what you are after.

Thanks to all who were involved in the events. If you haven’t seen the film yet, it’s a must for all entrepreneurs. Highly recommended by all of us!


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