Holiday Gifts from Your Company

You’ve received them and tossed them: pot holders with your real estate agent’s name, ice cream scoopers with your bank’s logo, magnetic calendars from your local auto dealership…why waste good money on such things? If they want to send me a card…fine, but spare me the junky gifts. I would prefer a discount, an added service, or simply, “thanks for being our customer.”

If however, you’re in the mood to spend some money with your brand blasted on it for a promo event, then I would contact, Vox Promotions I know the Start Up King, Kip Rollins and he’s amazing and so is his business, doing 60 containers a month from China. They employ several people full-time in China to make sure everything is done right and provide excellent service. They do products for NuSkin, Morinda, and many many others. The thing I like about them is you can customize anything-shirts, bags, golf balls, you name it.  And, they’re great for product development too.

images.jpgToday’s Magic Wand: 


  1. joe

    Somebody needs to do some research instead of just believing what they are told. Voxpromotions does not do 60 containers per month and their product development is taken from other companies without permission. Companies like OGIO do great product development, vox just steal their designs and sells to Nuskin and Melaleuca. Kip Rollins is no start up king, he stole that company from two of his previous partners, he did not even start vox. It would be interesting to see if Melaleuca knew how much stolen property they buy from the promotions industry and from the “Kip the Start Up King?”

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