Tips for Business Blogging by Fairy Godmother, Janet Meiners

menice_sm.jpgFairy Godmother, Janet Meiners is an Internet Makerting/Affiliate Marketing Specialist. She blogs at

She writes: 

I got this from Vincent Maher’s blog but I put it in my own words and added my take. I don’t always practice what I preach. Sometimes I just need to get my thoughts down before they’re gone…When they’re his thoughts they are in quotes. Otherwise mine.

  • Effective blog entries start conversations
    “One of the key ways to create a loyal audience for your blog is to create a community of readers who interact with each-other on your blog. This means that your blog entries should be structured in such a way that they start conversations. This means they need to be short and punchy, with a clearly defined point or set of points.”
  • Write to your audience
    Consider your readers perspectives. Stick to the point and keep it relevant. I don’t think you have to be too narrow on your subjects but definately if it’s a business blog don’t veer into overly personal topics.
  • Write catchy headlines (think newspaper)
    Headlines sell stories. When people look at a magazine or headline on a newspaper they decide what to read based on the title. So make it grab attention. I need to improve on this one.
  • Keep your text succint and scannable
    No one likes to read huge blocks of text online. Use subheadings, bullet points, and plenty of white space. Keep your paragraphs to only a few sentences.
  • Link to other blog posts about the same topic
    “If you are blogging about something that other people are talking about, provide links to their conversations.” This provides context. Plus if you add a trackback, it’s like a compliment and it will get you noticed as well as more traffic (readers). It shows you know what is being talked about and that you’re part of a larger conversation.
  • Quote indirectly and link
    Don’t just quote other blogger, paraphrase the important points. Directly quote only what is well-said and most important.
  • Never delete anything
    I disagree with this but I think it should be very rare. You don’t totally delete anything anyway because it shows up on people’s RSS feed.
  • Search other blogs for conversations relating to what you’re talking about
    “If your blog entry is successful then other bloggers will blog about it. Use tools like Google Blog Search and Technorati to track what other bloggers are saying about your blog entry and update your blog with links to those conversations if they add to yours.” Anyone know a good tool to do this more efficiently?
  • Be part of the conversations you start (join the comments)
    It drives me nuts when a blogger doesn’t comment on the comments people leave on their blog. When you respond to comments it validates your readers, continues the conversation, and invites more contributions.

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