Start Your Own Podcast Station through PODANGO

This is such an excellent idea! I just met Start Up King, Lee Gibbons, CEO of newly launched, Podango, a company he co-founded with Start Up King, Doug Smith that supports podcasters in marketing and receiving revenues (through advertising tied to the podcasts). Everyone can be a podcaster! Just record a conversation, use some free editing software, and then you’re in business (literally). There is a selection process, however, and the Podango Station Director can help you determine how to get started and help you get content from other sources for your station as well, this is a unique service and angle to the podcasting industry. It was a pleasure to meet Lee Gibbons, he is a strong supporter of Start Up Princess and has introduced us to some amazing women entrepreneurs that we will be interviewing on our own Podcast Station soon! Stay tuned. Or shall I say, iTuned? Ha!

images.jpgToday’s Magic Wand: Consider podcasting as a form of marketing. Be the expert or the inquisitive mind and interview others!


  1. You can check out a post on my blog about a company in Utah who has climbed the ladder to number 5 in the business podcast just under WSJ and Zig Zigler and the such. They are receiving a lot of recognition and are loving every minute of it:

  2. Thanks for the tip, sounds like a great company. 🙂

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