Be a Champion to Others, Find Champions!

272351108_9542c78575_m.jpgStart Up King, Jason Alba of Jibber Jobber is a master networker so it’s perfect that he designed and created a company that helps facilitate networking. Jibber Jobber is a FREE career tool that anyone can use for keeping track of contacts, communications, documents, and even help you find out where your network is based and how to get directions all in one place. There is a premium level for added convenience and storage. It’s dynamic and web-based, so you can login to check your contact info anywhere in the world, you can even load it into your palm pilot and have the system send you reminders via email. This is a photo from Jason’s lecture yesterday about Personal Branding.
Jason read about Start Up Princess a little while ago from Paul Allen’s post last month and then introduced himself to me at the First Friday’s meeting in Sandy a couple of weeks ago and we were instant friends. We’ve emailed, shared contacts and ideas for one another, we’re champions of one another.

This morning we chatted on the phone about how blogging helps to propel business perhaps better than formal forms of PR. However, for Jason, it has been a combination of the two. He launched Jibber Jobber in May with a press release on PRWeb for $120 about how they offer a special for Military personnel and it was noticed by a podcaster and then several other national companies have taken notice of his growing company.

Jason mentioned a few of his “champions” and suggested that I find more for Start Up Princess in various states to help grow the business. Great idea! Now that we’re national, I am seeking champions to help share the good Start Up Princess is offering to women entrepreneurs.

images.jpgToday’s Magic Wand: Convert your contact list over to Jibber Jobber, it’s much better than File Maker Pro Contact Management and did I mention it’s FREE!? It is an essential tool for networking and for being a champion/finding champions! 


  1. Kelly, thanks for the write-up 🙂 I really am impressed with what you are doing both with the Start Up Princess community and the other business that you are raising money for. I’ve been following your blog because I am very interested in what you are putting together (but can’t join! Darn!) and how you are doing it. Your style is awesome and attractive.

    One quick note, the regular version of JibberJobber is free and was designed to allow professionals (or job seekers) to take advantage of the functionality without having to pay. When you max out the features or need to put in more contacts you can upgrade (and bounce between upgrade and regular as much as you want).

    one quick plug for the champions that you find – I think being a champion with Kelly will only enhance your personal brand (see my blog post on that today – and give you added credibility and contacts for your own business! I would encourage anyone reading this to join with Kelly and volunteer their time.

    I’ll be watching you Kelly 😉

  2. Greetings,
    I’m not sure how I discovered your wonderful and informative blog but I’m thrilled that I did. If you have a minute I’d love to have you submit your blog to our newish directory of blogs for women at I’m sure the gals (and guys) who use the directory to discover new blogs to explore will enjoy it as much as I did.

    Lynda Keeler

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