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Today I emailed International marketing guru, Seth Godin and sent him the MP3 “A Million Dreams To Go” by Jessie Clark Funk, my theme song as an entrepreneur and he not only emailed me back, but he featured me and Start Up on his blog, thanks Seth! I really appreciate the kindness and mention!!! I like how Seth expanded the concept and suggested that all companies need a theme song. I strongly agree! We are going to be writing our own song for Sweet & Charming, when we get off the ground.

About the theme song: I need all the encouragement I can get because I am actively pitching and seeking $500,000 to fund Sweet & Charming, an experience-based children’s retail concept, similar to Build A Bear and American Girl. I won 2nd place for the concept in 2005 at Wake Forest University National Elevator Pitch Competition and was a finalist at Rice University’s competition as well. I have spent the last year building my solid board of advisors and fine-tuning the model. We are currently working on our branding and will begin product development shortly. Interested investors should contact me directly, Kelly <at> Princesss Sweet <dot> com.

Any Start Up Princesses/women entrepreneurs are welcome to join our growing national network. Comment on the blog and I will contact you or you can email me.
Thanks for visiting!


  1. I love the idea of a theme song. It just helped my think of using youtube to host a commercial for my gardening business. Who says you need big bucks to have a 30 second ad seen by millions these days.

  2. Hi Kelly- I’m a fellow Seth fan, and found you through his blog mention. He mentioned something I emailed him over the summer, but I didn’t have a blog working yet to talk about it. :o( Oh well….Seth rocks!!!

    My song for my personal little startup (freelancing really at this point) – Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall. A new idea I’m working on with a (guy) friend will need it’s own song…

    Congrats on the b-plan competitions. My friend and I–we’re at the Johnson School, he’s a Rice alum–wanted to enter last year but didn’t find out soon enough to pull a plan together. I definitely want to be in your network!

  3. Congrats Start Up Princess Amy,

    I’ll be emailing you soon! Thanks for your enthusiasm for Start Up Princess, we plan to redesign the site eventually…but for now, it’s working great. I would love to hear more about your company.


  4. This has really made me think about a song for our company…mmmm. Something good is sure to emerge. Thanks for a great idea.



  5. Hi StartUpPrincess,

    Great idea. Learned about you and your blog at Servant of Chaos.

    Keep the dreams coming!

  6. Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the visit, I visited your site…looks like you have a lot of magic going on in your life too…Congrats!

    Best wishes,


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