FREE “Secret” Conference Call Friday for Entrepreneurs

Join us this Friday, October 20th for a Free Conference Call

We will be discussing the film, “The Secret” $5 download; if you haven’t seen it or don’t have time, still join in our call, basically the premise (secret) is positive thoughts=positive results. We all need that!!

Discussion Leader: Nancy Cadjan, Founder of Sign Babies
2 pm MST
1 pm Pacific
3 pm Central
4 pm Eastern

RSVP to receive the call information by commenting here or email me, Kelly <at> Princess Sweet<dot> com.


  1. Hey I am excited for the call. I won’t be able to attend the Friday night date, but I will be able to make the call. Let me know what the info is!

  2. Alayne Thomas

    I would like the call information for the Friday, Octobar 20, conferenca call.

  3. Alayne, I tried emailing you but the email address didn’t work. Bummer! I hope you come back again and give me an updated address.

    Best to you!

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