What Matters Most?

Today I had a pleasure of being taught by my friend and neighbor, Kip Kint, Founder of Mission Ignition, a personal coaching company. Kint has been a coach for over 9 years and has coached over 3,000 people! Before setting up his own personal coaching company Kint was a a coach for Franklin Covey for six years. Now he coaches part-time and also does a weekly radio show. If you are interested in a personal coach, I can’t think of anyone more qualified to help others fulfill their goals-whether it be in business or personal aspirations.

Kint’s lecture today was about “What Matter’s Most”? He told a story about a time when he asked a client, “John” this question and John quickly replied, “My family, of course.” Kint sensed that he responded “My family” because that is what he “should” say and what was in his heart, but he pressed him further to see if his actions represented his feelings. He asked his client, “what evidence do you have to support that statement? If there were hidden cameras in your home, what would they reveal? what would the testimonials of those in your family be about this priority?” This continued on and it turned out to be a very important life changing experience for “John” (me too, when I heard it today). Kint then encouraged his client and set up a program with him where he could improve his quantity of time and quality of interactions with his family. He said, “our behaviors reveal our priorities. It isn’t enough to “know” our priorities, we must act on them”.

images.jpgToday’s Magic Wand: Write down “what matters most” to you and see if your behavior supports that priority in your life. What evidence do you have to support your claim?


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