Shawn Nelson, Founder of LoveSac’s Advice about Pitching to Investors

I emailed Shawn Nelson, the Founder of LoveSac the other day about an upcoming meeting I have with an angel investor who has read my business plan and wants to meet to discuss the plan in more detail. The investor may have a different spin on the concept and I am uncertain about it right now, Shawn says, “stick to your vision” but also, “listen to your gut.” I asked him about this level of meeting and what his advice would be. He said I could share it with you all…I think it is excellent.

Here is his answer:

One, I would ALWAYS be prepared with a complete powerpoint–you never know where a conversation will go, and you may not get another chance with a busy man, if he is, in fact, ready….even if you just put it on a thumb drive and have it with you. Along these lines, however, when talking to investors, what’s always worked for me (what they want to see) is LOTs of passion for your brand (if you don’t have it, who will), but also a very down-to-earth and just cool and frank about your cash needs. (like, I would love to work with YOU, and YOU would love to be a part of THIS, but if you don’t give me the money, I KNOW somebody else will).

Two, unless you really feel that your crossing paths with this person and his experience, knowledge, expertise and suggestions, STICK TO YOUR VISION. But IF that experience, knowledge, expertise, and suggestions are correct or “feel” correct, and really can take you to the next level, then don’t be afraid of change either–but listen to your gut.

Thanks, Shawn! 🙂 As always, Shawn is ALL about THE BRAND. That is why LoveSac’s name continues to be strong. Retail IS Branding.


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