Compile A Music First Aid Kit

Last night I went to a FREE “Joy Coaching” class by Start Up Princess, Karyn Grant, Founder of The Cherishing Place. Karyn offers this class for anyone interested the second Wednesday of every month at Herbs for Health in Pleasant Grove at 7pm. Karyn is a singer-songwriter, licensed massage therapist and certified music vibrational therapist. In her business and classes she combines her own vocal recordings (and the music of others), her line of essential oil blends called “Scents of Peace”, massage therapy, and movement to uplift and promote emotional wellness. I’ve known her for three years and always feel very peaceful and inspired by her classes and sessions.

I was reminded of the power of music as Karyn played the song, “Million Dreams To Go” by Jessie Clark Funk. Karyn had us listen to the song twice to really get its message and to let the words sink in as we thought about and wrote down our own dreams. I love the concept of the song, that “it’s ok (if you fail or your dream doesn’t work out the way you planned) because you have a million dreams to go,” keep on dreaming. This song is now going to be a part of my “Music First Aid Kit.”

A Music First Aid Kit is a mix of your most favorite songs–songs that inspire you and give you energy, comfort, joy, gratitude, and peace. You can make an iTunes playlist or burn a CD. These are songs you want to dance, sing to, or dream to!

images.jpgToday’s Magic Wand: Gather your favorite songs and put them in one place or create a playlist or burn them on a CD, make sure that you have the collection handy to play whenever you need a bit of inspiration or strength. Make sure your loved ones know about it too, because maybe they can play it for you when they sense you’re needing to feel more peace or joy. I’ve turned to these songs often for a variety of reasons– during times of stress, sickness, even during child labor. Music truly mends the broken heart and uplifts the spirit!

What’s in your Music First Aid Kit?


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