BYU Business Plan Competition Kicks Off

Tonight I had a great time seeing all of the entrepreneurial spirit at the BYU Business Plan Competition (BPC) Kick Off event. Free Pizza, Free iPods, and about 800 people! The organizers even got Pepsi to sponsor it, great job! I enjoyed meeting back up with my friend Brian Beutler, CEO/Founder of Alianza, winner of the 2005 BYU competition (I was a semi-finalist) and hearing him speak about how the BYU BPC was the single most important thing in helping his business launch. Not only did he win $25k and more in services, but he was able to network and meet a lot of angels and secured $2M in funding within 3months of the competition completing. This year he secured another $4M in funding, opened 8 offices in Latin America and now has 46 employees. WOW.

I was honored to be featured at the event also (although the video we shot yesterday wasn’t edited yet, they’ll show it at a later workshop), they talked about how Princess Sweet (the former name for my company Sweet & Charming) succeeded nationally and how I was not an MBA, but a Theatre grad student.

I’m looking for a team for Start Up Princess, I need to find 3 BYU students to take the concept and run with it in the competition, if you are a BYU student and this interests you, please contact me ASAP. It’ll be a great opportunity to work with students again and share my experience, too. Thanks!


  1. Hi there, I stumbled upon this entry through technorati. I’m a junior at BYU studying accounting, and I’m interested in being involved in the BPC. I was at the kick-off event and was impressed when they mentioned your plan. Email me to let me know more about what you’re seeking if you’re still looking for a team.

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