Video Interview Tips

Today I was interviewed on camera about my 2005 BYU Business Plan competition success for the 2007 kick-off tomorrow night. I was honored and enjoyed the experience, however, I have to say that I’m not the best at being interviewed on camera.

Give me a script and tell me to memorize it for national television, or get me on a stage with a mic in front of thousands of people like at Rice University for the national competition (I was a finalist) and I’ll be fine, heart-pounding, but I’ll do fine. But, for some reason I don’t think well on my feet and articulate well in front of a camera. Perhaps I did better than I think…

But, here are some tips that I’ve figured out:

  • Ask for the list of questions BEFORE you get there so you can think about them and if you need, practice some answers
  • Don’t go on to the next question until you are happy about how you answered the previous one
  • Ask for a clip on mic BEFORE you get there, and make sure you aren’t going to be in the shade or in bad lighting (learn a bit about this)
  • Find something fabulous to wear that you love that is professional and not too trendy or distracting. I’d usually go for the suit look unless you’re Shawn Nelson of LoveSac.
  • And I don’t care if you don’t “usually wear makeup”, wear it, wear more than usual even…and guys should at least wear some powder so their face isn’t shiny.
  • Bring a prop, your products, or something if it relates…visuals are great. In my case I brought a MAGIC WAND. 🙂 I said at the end of the interview, I waved my wand and said, “I wish you all have a great time, meet lots of wonderful people and know that you too, can make your dreams come true.” It’s my signature, you know? Branding!?

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