What is the Desire of Your Heart?

Today my good friend, Start Up Princess, Karyn Grant shared with me the following story that I thought was worth sharing. Karyn knows a lot about asking and receiving…she has built a successful business on the principle of faith, now she has over 20 vocal recordings, 200 essential oil blends, and a steady stream of clients for her Cherishing Place in Lehi.

What is the Desire of Your Heart?

In his book, Memorable Stories with a Message, Elder Boyd K. Packer shared the following experience he and his wife, Donna had:

“Donna and I attended an unusual dinner at the home of one of our beloved friends. It was a New Year’s Eve party. Our host had an activity for the evening. He read a quotation from Heber C. Kimball: ‘I have said often, you may write blessings for yourselves and insert every good thing you can think of, and it will all come to pass on your heads, if you do right.’ (From an address in the Old Tabernacle, August 1853.)

“He gave each of us a sheet of paper and an envelope and suggested we write upon the paper the things we hoped to achieve in the new year. We were asked to seal the envelope and put our name on it. ‘I will take these to the bank and put them in the vault,’ he said. ‘A year from now we will meet again and have a dinner and I will deliver them to you. And we will tell if you wish, how nearly we have achieved our goals.’ We thoughtfully set our goals that night and sealed them up, and they were delivered to the vault to lay unopened for a full year. Six things were on our list, each relating to a blessing for someone dear. Each seemed near to the impossible. One, for instance related to a sister and … marriage. Worthiness was no problem; it was her body so crippled with disease that a [marriage] was out of the question or was it?

“The year rolled by and the envelopes were delivered to us again. During the year, with those goals in mind we had prayed now and then, and then little opportunities came by. They would have gone unnoticed if we had not set the goals. We were able to move forward, first with one goal, then with another. Five impossible things had happened. The sixth related to the solution of a problem of a friend. It was on New Year’s Eve that I received a telephone call from across the country. My friend excitedly told me that his problem had been solved. He knew nothing of the notes in the envelope.” (7-8.)

images.jpgToday’s Magic Wand: Write down your desires in an envelope and put it somewhere to re-discover. Trust. Believe. Make a Wish, Make it Happen…the universe is conspiring to fulfill your dreams.

Along this theme, we are going to be discussing the film, The Secret which is all about “asking and receiving”, the power of intention, on a national conference call as well as at a Utah County Networking Tea Party, with Start Up Princess, Nancy Cadjan, founder of Sign Babies as our discussion leader. If you are interested in coming, please comment below and we will contact you.


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