PR Beats Pay Per Click by 56.3 Percent

For the past month or so I’ve been brainstorming with Jeff Donovan, a member of my board for sweet & charming prepare a PR campaign for his Heber, Utah spectacular real estate development, Deer Ridge. Mainly I just helped with some copy suggestions for his website and now I’m writing a press release for him in two versions, one for the local media and another one for the internet. The reason why I am writing two versions is because the local media doesn’t want to see keywords repeated five times in the first paragraph, and Google does. We will be submitting it to PRWeb. Deer Ridge appeals to the very affluent in America, those looking for a second or third home, so we’ve had to do some homework about how to reach this market. Where do the affluent spend time on the internet? What periodicals and newspapers do they read? It is likely that those who purchase homes at Deer Ridge will not be locals so we are looking for a variety of ways to reach them. I’ll tell you one thing, I’m not suggesting Pay Per Click! I was never sold on it but now more than ever.

Russ Page, a Publicist with national media success discusses how PR wins hands down over Pay Per Click in a recent post on his site. It’s worth a look, click here.

images.jpgToday’s Magic Wand: Consider PR; you can even be you own publicist. You might want to have a friend or someone else be the contact person for the press release to follow up with the calls to the media, but you can write one. Here’s a simple template for local media. For more about writing one for the web, revisit this post by Janet Meiners. I’ll be faithfully following Janet’s tips for my internet press releases!


  1. I should point out that people should read the results of the Marketing Experiements article as well.

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