Take Your Baby To Work Day

You’ve probably heard of “take your child to work day” (officially April 27), but what about “take your baby to work day”? Well, if you didn’t get the memo…it was today. Actually, for many of you who are reading this who work from home, it is probably everyday.

But, for the record–my six month old baby went to 3 meetings today with me. Is it gutsy to bring a baby to meetings? Maybe…but everyone was very nice about it. She did pretty well and by the third one, she figured out that the best thing to do is to sleep through the whole thing.

Our first meeting was to hear Paul Allen speak about blogging at Utah First Fridays. I thought twice, maybe three times if it would be appropriate to bring her, but I knew that Paul had 7 children of his own and probably wouldn’t care. Unfortunately she was a bit fussy during the actual presentation so I only heard about 20 minutes of it. Funny thing was that Paul “received the memo about bringing your baby to work day” and brought two of his children, if I had known, I would have hired his son to babysit my baby as well! Maybe since we both brought kids the event coordinators will consider on-site child care for future events, wouldn’t that be wonderful!?

While I was in the hall I briefly spoke with Pat Steigauf Vaughn about the need to provide on-site child care at business events. (Pat is a Winner of 2006 Utah Business Award of 30 Women to Watch for her achievements as President of Utah Women in Technology as well as her position as Director of Talent Acquisition for the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED). Today Pat wore her “Utah GOED” hat as organizer of Utah First Fridays). Pat agreed that child care would be a good addition, however, before we get to that point she said we need to convince Utah that women want to be in business. I guess the state doesn’t know that Utah is #1 in the country for women entrepreneurs!

Maybe one day Start Up Princess can put on a state-wide event for entrepreneurs and provide child care. Hey! Paul, if you provide the keynote address, you can bring all 7 of your children. 🙂


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