Drool Over Shelly Kennedy’s Drooz Studio

awallhangingd.pngOnce Upon A Time, I was in San Clemente, California and popped into a cute children’s store and saw the most adorable hand painted wallhangings. I thought they were so amazing I had to know who the vendor was so I began an exhaustive search on the internet until I found them. I read all about Start Up Princess Shelly Kennedy’s career path and success and admired her creativity and style. Her work has been featured by many magazines such as Home Companion and Pregnancy. She’s a favorite among impressive online and boutiques around the country including Posh Tots.com. She features a wonderful whimsical fantasy style that fits well with the princess theme so, naturally when I began conceptualizing for sweet & charming, I considered her products however, while incredibly beautiful and stunning, I felt that they were a bit too high end for my target audience, until now…now, Shelly has just launched a new product, dt002.pngdoor tags that retail $16. Guess which one I will be purchasing for my daughter. I love them. I like how Shelly also has considered widening her concept to include tags that could apply to people who don’t necessarily have young children. I could see these door tags being sold in a variety of gift stores, not just children’s boutiques.

Shelly’s also super nice too…we’ve been emailing a bit and I hope to interview her real soon for Start Up Princess.

images.jpgToday’s Magic Wand: Take a lesson from Shelly and consider all of the ways your products can be expanded to sell to a variety of consumers. At just $16, Shelly’s door tags will sell EVERYWHERE now, not just Post Tots or to a celebrity. She’s created a strongly branded style that is unique. She’s been savvy in how she’s carefully developing high quality, customized products and continues to keep her studio’s name in the press too.

Congrats Shelly for also winning 2006 Style Bakery Award!
For fun, pick your favorite Drooz Studio product and tell us!


  1. Shelly,
    LOVE your website and products! So unique and classy. I’ll have to get some. Any possibility of selling these at my annual fundraiser for the Bulgarian orphans? I usually carry Melissa and Doug toys, but would love to add these products. People around here in Cache Valley, UT would love em!

  2. cornelia Odell

    Dear Shelly,
    Your neighbor Suzie Ryan has told me about your studio. I am very excited to see it and your work. At the moment I am recovering from a broken ankle . but would love to visit your studio soon. Is that a possibility ?Thank you, Neilie Cdell

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