Real Simple Answers Comments with Real Emails Written by Real People

My favorite magazine, hands down is Real Simple. I have been a subscriber for nearly 6 years! I have a little ritual where I read every issue cover to cover the week I receive it (if not the first day) in my jetted tub. I love this simple pleasure. I love their articles and their ideas, however, lately I’ve been a bit disappointed that their magazine is getting less and less “simple” and more high-end. I decided to write a letter to them about it the other day. What surprised me is that they didn’t respond with a generic “we received your email, thank you for your comment.” I received a real, bonafide email reply within 3 days. I am totally impressed with their customer service.

Here is my letter:
I’m a huge fan of Real Simple–ever since you launched I’ve subscribed, I save every issue and reread old ones. I’ve given your magazine as a gift to friends and we often chat about articles and tips. Before starting my family I worked professionally as a publicist and in an ad agencey.

I have noticed that your magazine has started to use more and more high end fashion spreads and less affordable suggestions for apparel. For example,I would like to see less $300 shoes and more $40-$65 shoes (3 of a lower price, 1 of a higher). Also I’ve noticed the advertising getting to be more higher end as well. Maybe you know your demographics are paying $300 for shoes, but none of my friends who read your magazine do. Banana Republic is pushing it for them. We’re busy working moms and can’t afford to put our clothing budget into one item.
Thanks, I hope your magazine continues to do the $50 and under December gift issue, love it. I hope it doesn’t become $100 and under.


Here is the letter I received from Real Simple:

Hi Kelly:
Thanks for the feedback, we do read all of your letters and the fashion department will see this. The gift guide will remain as is, no worries!


Reader Service Editor

Suzanne did a great job, and Real Simple magazine has a great thing going in their customer service department…I feel like my concerns were heard (and will be heard by the Fashion dept.) and that they care about my business. I’ll continue to subscribe, no matter what the shoes cost in their magazine!


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