Start Up Princess of Blogher Emailed Me

You might be laughing that I would write a post about receiving a simple email, but I’m excited. I tested Jory Des Jardins’, (co-founder of advice that you should always notify people you blog about by email because it is likely that they will one day return the favor (or in my case at least reply). I emailed Jory and told her about last week’s post about her article, Business Blogging for Beginners and also included a list of questions. Jory replied quickly and was happy to answer many of them and said I could contact her with more of my questions after her honeymoon (she’s getting married this weekenend)! I’m delighted that even though she’s knee-deep in wedding planning she took a moment to reply and extend friendly mentoring. What a great Fairy Godmother she is!

images.jpgToday’s Magic Wand: Next time you mention someone in your blog (a referral type mention), take a moment to send them a quick email. You just might be surprised what will become of it.


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