Introducing Start Up Princess, Lorri Randle

lorri-smal-look.jpgComment on this site and I’ll likely interview you…that’s how I met Lorri Randle. I’m glad she stopped by our site so now we can all be friends with this energetic young, talented entrepreneur. Lorri and her husband, Cammon Randle own Copperrain Productions in Utah County. Lorri, is the company producer, handles sales and marketing and her husband does all of the technical aspects of the company, including the camera work. Cammon is very skilled and has an impressive film resume, including The Work and The Glory– he started filming his own claymation cartoons at age 8. How cute is that!

Lorri and Cammon met on a film shoot and you could say it’s worked out in all aspects! Lorri loves being “the boss” as she calls herself, running the productions they do for all-sized businesses. You can see examples of their work on their site, They specialize in commercials and web video productions and hope to continue to expand their business to serve more clients with web video advertising. Lorri predicts that internet advertising will continue to be more video-based and more and more companies will be producing such media.

She says that their biggest challenge is.. Most people hear video production and think commercial/dvd and way expensive. We are having a hard time educating people on the uses of video and all the new vehicles out there to promote it! Our Mantra: Show more, tell more, sell more!”

What are you doing about it? Creating some way cool promotional examples and blogging and podcasting and doing everything we can to network!

If so, how do you balance family and business? Well, right now I am the boss at work and the boss at home, roles never change. It is the toughest thing though, to be a husband wife partnership because work invades EVERYTHING. Dates, dinner we even talk about it while getting ready for bed. Sometimes we have to tell ourselves, okay for the next hour we are simply husband and wife and have no clue what the other one does at work.

Lorri’s got some excellent ideas to share about media and technology, she’s agreed to be a guest blogger/fairy godmother on this site. It’ll be wonderful to learn more about her industry and get to know her better at our networking events.

Read more about Lorri’s advice and her company, Copperrain by visiting her profile page on this site.


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