What’s Your Motivation?

This weekend I had the privilege of listening to several hours of inspirational talks by church leaders. One talk, by Dieter F. Uchtdorf in the Saturday afternoon session stands out in my mind. Elder Uchtdorf shared a wonderful story that has application to business. German-born Uchtdorf told a story about how when he was a boy he had to learn English in school and thought the task was impossible and overwhelmingly difficult. He could not form his lips to speak the words or pronounce the language properly and thought it was a lost cause. However, once he learned that in order to become a professional pilot that he would be required to learn and speak English, suddenly his mouth could form the words and he could speak…! This story reminds me of why many of us get up early in the morning when it’s so difficult (or stay up way too late)! We’re motivated for a cause.

I’ve heard people who want to become entrepreneurs say “I can’t write a business plan” or “I don’t have time” or a hundred other reasons. While it is certainly true that being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone and there are seasons of life that fit the entrepreneur lifestyle better than others, however, after you’ve decided you want to “go for it” and as many say, “go big or go home”, then I would suggest you need to find a motivation.

This motivation will help you work during a difficult deadline that needs your attention. When I wrote my first business plan, I was motivated by a deadline for the BYU business plan competition. I didn’t sleep for 2 days and worked non-stop. I had a babysitter (my brother) and I worked until the hour it was due, hardly leaving my desk. For me, the motivation was $25,000 (the competition prize money) and to just have a reason to “get it done.” I knew that if I wanted to get ANY funding, I would need a business plan, so it was a good time as any to do it. But, even that reason at 5 am was not enough for me. I remember being 70% done and trying to keep focused and praying to God to help me because I was so tired and had been working for nearly 2 days straight. I wanted to give up and I asked Him if I could, or if I should…if He wanted me to finish or not. Suddenly, I was given another burst of energy and I continued on until 3 pm when it was due. Because of this experience and countless others, my motivation is God. He helps me in my darkest hours and gives me the strength to do what is the most difficult. I stand all amazed. I am also motivated by the children that my business will serve and the happiness and joy that sweet & charming will provide families. This brings me joy and helps me move forward each day.

images.jpgToday’s Magic Wand: Spend some time thinking about your motivation for your business.

Please share with us your thoughts about what motivates you when the tough gets tougher…


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