Start Up Princess Nancy Cadjan Offers Great Landscaping Tips

cadjanson.jpgStart Up Princess Nancy Cadjan is ultra creative and talented! Not only does she know how to create award-winning products for her company, Sign Babies, she’s very skilled in home and garden design. She jokes that she got her degree on HGTV. I’ve always admired Nancy’s landscaping and so now that I’m doing mine, I’ve turned to her for suggestions and ideas.

Here is what Nancy suggested:

1. Set aside time as a family to brainstorm about what you want your yard to be like. What functions will it serve? Parties? Basketball? Jacuzzi? Play area? Garden? Shed? BBQ? Do you want low maintenance? (All Start Up Princesses want low maintenance, right!?) Do you want to use plants that conserve water? Write down all of your ideas.

2. Take digital photos of your house and then print out multiple copies. Draw plants and ideas directly onto the paper to see what you like. Nancy did this for me and it was so helpful to visually see the plants and walkway, etc. I know that there are some landscaping software programs that will do this too…but, I didn’t want to invest in that, but maybe you do…

3. Pay attention to where the sunlight hits, because that will determine what plants will go in that area. My homework this week is to check the sunlight for where I want my garden to be and see if there will be adequate sunlight.

4. Do as much as you can at the beginning, it is easier to get the curbing done with the sprinklers, etc. And if you can’t get the fence right away, at least put in the posts so that the posts don’t hit a sprinkler later. You can always add more plants and lighting later.

5. If you have to prioritze, put your money into the front of your yard. Curb appeal!

6. Decide a color scheme and stick with it.

7. Use tall grasses to hide utility boxes on your property

8. Look into “square foot gardening” this is a way to mix your herbs and vegetables into your beds, if you don’t want to do box gardens.

Thanks, Nancy! 🙂

Any other great tips?? 


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