Open Your Mouth: Networking Pays Off

This week I had a meeting with one of my CEDO mentors, Gary Rhoads, BYU Marketing Professor. For convenience, I could have had the meeting on the phone, but I wanted to see him in person and I’m glad I did. After we met I was riding in the elevator with a BYU student who looked nice, I asked her if she was a business student and she said, “marketing, but I’m just starting the classes.” I said, “do you want to be in the BYU business plan competition this year?” She said that she didn’t really want to do that, but another girl heard our conversation and said, “I do.” I didn’t even realize she had gotten on the elevator with us…she wasn’t shy and just piped in to our conversation and I was SO GLAD. It turns out she is a Masters of Public Administration grad student and her class has to write a business plan for their Social Ventures class. We chatted about Start Up Princess and my previous experience in business plan competitions as we walked down the hall together, ironically past a display case that had my picture in it for winning 2nd place at Wake Forest University and I was able to show it to her. She said she would discuss it with her class as a consideration. I’ve now been invited to pitch the concept on Monday. If we can get the class to write our Business Plan, that would be such a great opportunity! I hope it works out, if not–no matter, another friend made! I think I will hang out at the Marriot School of Business more often!


Today’s Magic Wand: Don’t be afraid to ask for what you need or want for your business, you just might get it.


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