Business Blogging for Beginners

Recently at our Networking Tea Parties we have been discussing the importance of creating and maintaining a business blog. Several Start Up Princesses are creating them right now and so, I hope the following article/link is helpful. Those of you who are like me, relatively new to the game, you might find this info also helpful. One point I liked that she made was to make sure that you provide introductions to your blog. I have been doing this because I wanted to alert people that I wrote about them on the site and to have them see what I wrote, etc. This has been helpful. For example, Paul Allen suggested that I meet Shawn Nelson, LoveSac Founder. After I had written about our meeting, I alerted Paul and he was generous to put a link about it on his site and it brought over 600 views to the site. If I had not told Paul, I would have missed an incredible opportunity.

Jory discusses other tips as well… Click Here to be linked to an excellent article written by Jory Des Jardins, co-founder of Enjoy & happy blogging!


  1. 1 Start Up Princess of Blogher Emailed Me «

    […] You might be laughing that I would write a post about receiving a simple email, but I’m excited. I tested Jory Des Jardins’, (co-founder of advice that you should always notify people you blog about by email because it is likely that they will one day return the favor (or in my case at least reply). I emailed Jory and told her about last week’s post about her article, Blogging for Beginners and also included a list of questions. Jory replied quickly and was happy to answer many of them and said I could contact her with more of my questions after her honeymoon (she’s getting married this weekenend)! I’m delighted that even though she’s knee-deep in wedding planning she took a moment to reply and extend friendly mentoring. What a great Fairy Godmother she is! […]

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