Fling Your Clutter and Donate to a Charity!

Today was my Friends of Multiple Sclerosis Donation Center pick up day. This free monthly service has helped my family “fling our clutter”, a term The Fly Lady, Marla Cilley taught me on her website, www.flylady.net. I donated over 60 pounds of clothing and house items today! I love de-junking and donating my high-quality, resellable items to a cause I believe in. Two people I care deeply about are suffering from MS and I appreciate this non-profit organization.

Today’s Magic Wand: Decide what charity you want to support and see if they will pick up your items on a scheduled pick up monthly. If you know they are coming, I’m sure you can find some things to donate each month to make it worth their trip. I heard someone say that every time she gets a new shirt she donates one from her closet to charity. What about shoes? Coats? I love that concept.

Friends of Multiple Sclerosis Donation Center, SLC



Tell us what charities you support and why you’re passionate about their causes!


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