12 Key Attributes of Successful Entrepreneurs

Click here to see a short slide show prepared by Grow Utah Ventures.

What other attributes do you think are important not mentioned in the presentation? Let’s discuss with some comments.


  1. Hey guys
    I think these are all great attributes, and it might be a subtle “duh!” in the presentation, but I’d like to add, LOVE your dream.
    I have to be totaly honest, but I have been breaking down a little the past two weeks. This video production company isn’t really MY dream. It is my husband’s dream. My dream is to raise a family. I joined up because I have the skills, and the knowledge of what he is doing to handle all the job descriptions that were needed.
    And lately I’ve wanted a boss. I am in the mode where I want someone to tell me I am qualified, I want someone to tell me what they want done, and when they want it done by. And I want them to tell me I did a great job. I want to see results of the jobs I have done. I want to work for a company that has health benefits and a time schedule of 8am – 5pm. And I want to be able to take the weekend off!
    I have said more than once to my husband “well this is your dream, so you should be the boss, and tell me what to do!” And then I sit there. And then I realize that I LOVE my husband. I want him to succeed. My dream is that he will reach his potential, he will make something so spectacular, he changes people’s lives all around the world. I dream he will be so happy in life. So my key attribute is that I love being able to help my husband out with his dream. Otherwise, I would go find a great paying job. LOVE your dream.

  2. I had fun putting together my own list of attributes…mine is 100…although some are a bit redundant. Best, GL HOFFMAN

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