Developing Relationships in Business

One of the best things about launching a business has been all of the wonderful people I have met along the way. Over the last two years I have continually prayed that people would come into my life who could help me move sweet & charming forward and have been constantly in awe of the talented, experienced professionals I have met at various events, conferences, competitions, and luncheons. Recently, my husband and I have discovered Corporate Alliance, a formal network of professionals in Utah County. Paul Allen recommended that I join Corporate Alliance because I want to build a management team and they produce many events for their members that help faciliate relationships (and once you are connected with leaders your world expands). I value and admire the structure of Corporate Alliance. In their free orientation/luncheon, they teach you their “Relationship Rules”, not a big secret that these rules work…they are based on excellent principles.

Relationship Rules:

Be Memorable
Become a Client
Thank Yous  and Recognition of Events
Share your Influence
Share your knowledge and resources
Endorse others
Learn, Serve, Grow

Although I enjoy Corporate Alliance networking events and their amazing facilities (you can reserve any of their meeting rooms), I still see the need for building the Start Up Princess community and developing relationships with women entrepreneurs. We are finding that women entrepreneurs are online savvy, and love to meet via email and by commenting on websites, blogs, and attending events in casual settings where children are welcome and encouraged to participate. We are developing relationships with women all over the country and invite you to participate and get involved.

Email Me at Kelly at Princess to join our email group for local and national events and to be considered for an interview to be profiled on our site. We are also seeking Fairy Godmothers (guest bloggers) to write monthly articles on this site.

Today’s Magic Wand: Continue to build your network by developing relationships with those you know, respect, and trust. Become involved with Start Up Princess and get to know the women profiled on this site.


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