What You Send Out Comes Back to You 100x: Comment on Blogs!

I have been amazed that often when I take time to comment on another person’s blog or website, it brings more visibility and traffic to Start Up Princess. I have a few favorite high profile blogs I visit and I enjoy commenting and offering suggestions on occasion. I love being a part of a discussion. That is something I would like to see more of on this site. Yes, we get about 150-230 visiting a day, but not too many comments…I promise you, if you will leave an inspiring comment or idea, it is likely that someone will be curious about who YOU are and then click on your URL that is left on the comment. Everyday when I check my stats I see that I’ve received traffic from sites that I’ve left comments on and also sites that have mentioned my name or company…it is a gift! I don’t think we’d be at 5,000 views in 2 months without people writing about Start Up Princess such as Liz Rosenbaum at www.scrapbooks.com, Janet Meiners at www.newspapergrl.wordpress.com or Block Blake at www.brockblake.com.

Thanks to all who have commented on this site and have added Start Up Princess to their blog roll. If you are a woman entrepreneur who has a blog, I will consider adding your site to my blogroll (list of sites I love).

Today’s Magic Wand: Comment on this site or another site!


  1. When my book, PARK RIDGE: A Senior Center Murder, was released in September (2006), booklocker.com set me up with a blog. I had some ideas about what I thought I would do with it, but being new to the world of blog, I had no experience with pings, trackbacks, RSS, etc. I still don’t know what those things are! I’ve been surfing and reading a lot of blogs. Actually, I’ve been tempted to leave comments before, but it seemed so self-serving to include my web address. I’m encouraged by your post to try it. Thanks.

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