Start Up Princess Celebrates 5,000 Views!

On July 14 I wrote the very first post and sent about 100 people an announcement about it…now we’re at 5,000+ views! Thanks to all of my friends who have visited and Start Up Princesses everywhere!

By the way..great things are happening for Start Up Princess, so check back often! Guest bloggers, podcasting, more conference calls, more networking tea parties around the country, and much much MORE!

What ideas do YOU have for Start Up Princess?? We would LOVE to hear how our site and organization can help support women entrepreneurs!


  1. StartUpPrincess,

    Do you mean 5,000+ views total since July 14th or is that your average per day for the month to date?

    Either way that is awsome congrats!!

  2. No, I WISH we had 5,000 views a day, I meant total. Now, we’re at 6,000+ total views. We average 150-250 a day. 🙂

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