Janet Meiners Teaches Women Entrepreneurs about Internet Marketing

Today we had the privilege of hearing Janet Meiners, an Internet Marketing Specialist speak to Start Up Princesses at two different events. Janet has been in this industry for several years and has published articles about Affilate Marketing and Internet Marketing. She has a site about Affiliate Marketing called www.afflilateflash.com and also a blog about internet marketing www.newspapergrl.wordpress.com She works at Cymphonix in Sandy, and has just started a blog for that company. She previously worked at Tahitian Noni in Internet Marketing. Janet has a wealth of experience and we appreciated her willingness to share valuable insights with us today!

The first event was a conference call with women across the country (this event was recorded and we will post as a podcast later on this site). The second event was a gathering at a park in Provo, Utah where we met and discussed Internet Marketing in a casual setting and let our children play while tended by a babysitter. It was great to learn so much and to associate with Start Up Princesses in a variety of fields.

A Brief Summary of the Conference Call:

Janet covered the basics of how search engines work and how to get more traffic to your site using key words, lots of content, and continually updating your site. She emphasized the importance of keeping your site fresh and new so that visitors will want to return again and again. She discussed how blogging even just 2 times a week can strengthen your website. When you add content it shows that you are an expert in your field, that your business has a great deal of value to offer and share. When people visit for content then they will be more likely to also make a purchase. She emphasized that your site should be interactive, get them to fill out a form, to do a survey, to register for a free newsletter…think about your end goal, what do you want them to do once they are at your site. Sign up for free web analytics on the web so you know where the visitor is spending their time on your site and you can see what is most popular and then you can encourage and develop that further in your business.

Janet also discussed a free tool to research keywords. This is to research different search terms and see how popular they are. Put the best keywords in your meta tags (hand the list of them to whoever codes your web site and tell them to insert them into meta tags). Create a new list of keywords for each page of your web site. Use the best keywords in your title tag and put the same one or two in your description tags. Remember that singular and plural are two different variations to search engines so include both. i.e. scrapbooks and scrapbook. You can also include mispellings and other variations of keywords that pertain to your business.

Janet also talked about signing up to become an affiliate and adding advertisements for people to click on your site. As an affiliate then you can get a percentage of the end sale. She said “www.audible.com” is a good one, Amazon, iTunes, there are many others. Check out www.commissionjunction.com for more info about what is available to sign up for and add to your site.

After Janet spoke she spent time on the phone brainstorming with Deb Discenza of Preemie Magazine and Abby Miller of Before Kids. For Deb, she recommended that she start blogging at least twice a week and get a Doctor from her Medical Advisory Board to write as a guest blogger on the site. Deb shared that if you are offering something free then there are sites that advertise freebies and it is a good way to increase your traffic. In her case her magazine is free, but in your case it might be a free printable story…or whatever. When we talked about Abby’s needs, Janet suggested that Abby also start a blog and Abby said that she hesitated in writing one because there are so many other women that have blogs about kids and clever things, but Janet reminded her that no one has her voice and her stories, etc.

A Brief Summary of the Park Activity:

Here we also talked about the importance of blogging and Janet shared that you can use free relevant, well-written articles found on the internet (from sites such as http://www.articlecity.com or http://www.essortment.com) on your site as well as blogging. “Content is King” on the web…remember that. Also she emphasized that your webpage is “not a brochure on the internet”, blogging will help people get to know your business and services as well as charge the search engines better and less expensive than pay per click ads. She also talked about the importance of information on sites that you are currently not using or developing that you may want to use in the future because Google only recognizes your site after a few months of content. We talked specifically about marketing to your “niche”, and identifying what that niche should be.

I will work on editing the conference call and put it up when I figure that out…until then, start blogging! Let me know when you have a blog and we’ll create a page on the site for Start Up Princess bloggers. 🙂

THANKS Janet! Visit Janet’s profile on this site to learn more about her and read her blog, www.newspapergrl.wordpress.com I read Janet’s blog every day and learn so much…you will too!


  1. newspapergrl

    Thanks for the summary and for doing the call Kelly. Kelly gave all the women who came to the park gifts (which I’ll keep a secret so you will be surprised). My son loved one of them and (hint) granted himself and me all sorts of wishes.

    I wanted to emphasize that all these topics can get overwhelming. You don’t have to blog or do podcasts or keep up on everything. Find a niche and do that well. Then add things at your pace. I blog because I love to and I care about what I’m writing. It’s a great outlet for the constant flow of ideas so I can work on other things rather than just mind trip on them. Remember that everyone online is trying to keep up or get ahead.


  2. Great information! I really appreciate learning all these “tricks.” I agree that metatags need to be created properly. I recently learned about metatags and am definately going to work on them with my site. With my organization being all about Bulgarian orphans, I researched the hits on the word “Bulgaria” and found it was googled 41,000 times and the word “orphan” over 9,000 times in August. So I really need to list these words in my metatags and picture files.

    Anyway, why do blogs bring in more hits? Do they show up on search engines? How do you set up blogs on your site? I’ve been thinking that journaling on a blog would be a healthy way for me to express my feelings about my orphanage work (successes, frustrations, good news about the children, upsetting news, etc.) and allow me to share the powerful miracles we experience on a weekly basis. If over 9,000 people are googling “orphans” there’s got to be some interest!

    Thanks for all the great advice. I am glad the phone conference call went well. Keep up the great work everyone. This support is nice.

  3. Deborah,

    blogs are all about content…the more content you have the more the search engines can trace to your site. This site is an example of a free template blog from wordpress, but you could get someone to create a custom blog for One Heart, I would recommend that. I would be careful about how you write your personal feelings about One Heart Bulgaria on the web because you want it to look very professional at all times, so I would mainly just focus on the success stories and the needs, achievements of the program, etc. never about the frustrations of staff, individuals, personal feelings, you know?

  4. Janet

    Blogs are indexed by search engines and blog search engines. Since the content is always fresh, the search engine spiders your site more often. You train them because there is always new content. Plus you’ll have more possible keywords or phrases people might search on and find you.

    Even though my blog is about internet marketing I get hits all the time about Costco business hours because I blogged buying business checks at Costco. Not that this is a helpful search term for me, but it illustrates the point that I’m getting traffic from a broad range of terms. (see http://www.intuitive.com/blog/index.shtml for Dave Taylor’s video and transcript on blogging, it’s a great resource).

    I want to correct something. The affiliate programs I mentioned were just examples, not the best ones. Snapfish has a good program esp. for beginners. Amazon has low payouts but they’ve made it very easy to use and they have a wide variety of products. I started out with web hosts because they pay well. So do most ebooks.

    Sounds like you have the makings of a great blog!


  5. This is a great blog. Thanks for the excellent information!

    Steve Renner
    Marketing Director
    The Affiliate Community
    Get $1,000 in Internet Marketing
    Training and Resources (FREE!)

  6. Hello Janet,

    You have created a great blog, and I would like to direct you to a very valuable free resource at http://www.ratingshublink.com where you can see how others (over 1,000 so far) rate various IM products. No links, no advertising, no bs, just honest evaluations of IM products!

  7. Great Topic!
    I find that Search Engine Marketing is fast becoming THE way to getting tons of traffic. I mean, think about it: Search Engine Marketing is free (if done right) and it can bring you litterly thousands upon thousands of free quality traffic every week. I’ve decided that the safest bet for me is to work hard and get a #1 spot on all major search engines for a certain keyword – and once that is done… I’ll be set as far as traffic goes. Any comments?

  8. Thanks for all of the recent comments about SEO and internet marketing. Janet is a guest blogger at this site and writes for us here as a Fairy Godmother to entreprenerus and has her own blog at http://www.newspapergrl.com, you’re sure to love that site full of all the latest greatest about the subject. I always learn a lot from her.

  9. NewsPaperGrl… Good luck on that one… fascinating topic!

    Konrad Braun

  10. WAHMs are making up more and more of the work force. As a child of a single parent mom any help is welcomed. So much information so little time.
    Thanks for the info,
    CJ Boston

  11. CJ, Thanks for the visit and support of WAHM’s (work at home moms), we’re happy that there’s success stories to share here!

  12. Thanks for the info. These are great tecniques that I’ll have to implment.

    Melvin P.

  13. One tool any affiliate should not be without is an affiliate link cloaker. Affiliate link cloakers will mask and disguise your affiliate links to help prevent affiliate link hijacking. Anyone who has done affiliate marketing before knows about this.

    There is a free service at http://www.urlfreeze.com that you can use to help fight against affiliate link hijacking. Hope that helps.


  14. Hi. I found your site while searching for something and am really excited that I have. I would love the opportunity to interview you to appear on my podcast directory at http://www.personalgrowthpodcastdirectory.com Your work is inspirational and we are both working towards the same goal, to empower women to make money through internet marketing.
    Please feel free to get in touch

  15. I’m 18 years old, 4 months pregnant,and living in shippensburg,pa. I’m jw what the requirements are to get a job at a child day care.
    If i could, i’d start one, but i don’t have the money and room for that.

    do any of you know the requirements or any advice about this?

  16. Hey! Do you know if they make any plugins to protect against
    hackers? I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on.
    Any tips?

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