Grow Utah Ventures Wants to Help Women Entrepreneurs!

Yesterday I went to the Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum and heard Alan Hall, Founder of Grow Utah Ventures. He also founded MarketStar (they helped bring the BlackBerry into the marketplace) and now spends a lot of his money and time helping entrepreneurs in Utah. Lucky Me, I am a Utahn. Lucky Us, Alan Hall and Grow Ventures wants to help women entrepreneurs in Utah and Nationally.

At the end of his presentation he asked the audience if we had any questions about what Grow Utah Ventures was doing for entrepreneurs and I asked, “What are you doing for women entrepreneurs?” His reply was shocking, “if I knew any, I would fund them.” I said, “I know a few.” Then he said, “Are you ready to go?” “Yes,” I said. Then he said to send him my plan…and since then I have emailed it to him and he’s looking at it. Regardless of whether he’s interested in me personally and my deal, I hope that he DOES fund women entrepreneurs. I told him about our site and about our events and he was excited to hear about it. He said to keep him informed and that he would like to get Grow Utah Ventures involved in helping our Start Up Princesses. That is great news! 🙂

Thanks Alan.


  1. Hi, my name is Lorraine Lewis and I’m an entrepreneur here in Utah. I have been looking for some possible way of obtaining a business loan, personal loan, etc. but I haven’t been able to obtain what I need thus far. I’m taking a risk in submitting this as I’m one of those up and coming entrepreneurs who truly believes with all her heart and soul that “What the mind can conceive, it can achieve” and “What thoughts you are thinking, you can create your reality”. I have the opportunity to take my business that I just started to a very strong level in its positioning. I personally have invested $18,000. I need $14,000 more to have the strongest leverage possible for my company. I have always been an extremely hard worker my entire life with HUGE goals, dreams and aspirations. My “Why” as to why I’m wanting to go all the way with my business is because I have a family here in Utah. I have a challenged son (20) who will live with me forever and now I’m raising two grandchildren and have been raising them for the last 3 years. My 17-year old daughter will be attending SUU in the fall of next year and that requires a great deal of money. I don’t want to be one of those people who grow old in front of a t.v. in an apartment who lives pay check to pay check. I’m going for GOLD. I believe that my income will be within $30,000 in the next 90 days. I want and will be making a million in 2007. I have made out my goal cards for the next year and each goal is consisting coming to reality, one by one. I’m setting my mind to the possibilities that someone could somehow lend a helping hand and help fund what I need to take my business to the next level. A short-term loan (less than a year) would help hugely. You can set the terms because I believe in the entrepreneur in ME.

    Thank you for your consideration and possibility of opening a window or door for me of the future!

    Always With Integrity,

    Lorraine Lewis

  2. Thank you Start Up Princess Lorraine for visiting our site!

    I look forward to meeting you in the future, I hope you can come to our January conf.

    Thank you for sharing your request for funding, however, I am not a lender or angel investor. I do hope however, that by your participation in Start Up Princess that people like yourself can network and learn from other women entrepreneurs so you can find ideas to fulfill your dreams with your business.

    Make a Wish, Make it Happen is our slogan…sometimes it takes time to make our dreams evolve, sounds like you are moving towards your goals. You might enjoy watching as well. You’d love it.


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