Showing Appreciation with Gifts, Not Cash…

I have a wonderful network of family and friends that help me out with my life, my business, and my kids. Even though I would like to pay them for helping me, they often decline. So, I have tried to show appreciation by finding something small to give them as a gift.


My accountant neighbor helped me out with my financials for an hour, and rejected my offer to pay her so I gave her a bag of nice hand-me-down clothing for her son. She was grateful.

My friend babysat my kids while I was at a meeting so I offered to bring her family dinner that night on my way home from the meeting, I picked up some pizzas from Papa Murphy’s. They were so excited.

My friend styled my daughter’s hair for a photo shoot and I gave her a necklace. She loved it.

My husband’s Dell computer rep does an incredible job for him and has saved him thousands of dollars and so my husband bought him a Palm Pilot. Now his rep thinks of Matt often and he continues to save money!

We have a large movie library at our house and we have a standing invitation with our neighbors to borrow whenever they want, this has been a nice way to give back to our friends.

My husband worked out a deal with Jamba Juice to get their smoothies at a discount and bought hundreds of them for giveaways. Everyone loves smoothies.

Today’s Magic Wand: When you see a good deal on a gift (jewelry, lotions, candles, stationary), buy several, then you can give them away to friends or neighbors who help you out. Or, see if you can buy something in bulk at a discounted rate such as a gift certificate to the movies. Your friends and family will be more inclined to help you again!


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