Introducing Start Up Princess Abby Miller, Founder of Before Kids

Before Kids…I slept late. Before Kids…I had shoe money. Before Kids…I thought I was busy. These fun and TRUE sayings are just a few of the ideas that Start Up Princess, Abby Millerimg_0090-cropped.jpg has creatively put on her well-designed t-shirts, mugs, aprons, and stationary. Abby is quick to say that she LOVES being a Mommy, but there is a reality that life just changes when you have children, certain sacrifices take place and while it is well worth it, there are some things you miss, like “shoe money” because suddenly that “shoe money” for you has become “soccer cleat money” for junior. I think most of us can relate!! I probably most relate to the “Before Kids…I slept late.” I want that t-shirt! Available at

I was delighted to meet Abby from a comment she made on this site about 2 months ago and now we’re friends. She’ll be on our first conference call this weekend with other Start Up Princesses from around the country. I’ve emailed and spoken with Abby on the phone and have been impressed with how dedicated she is as a brand new mom entrepreneur. Abby just launched her product line this Summer and is starting to look for ways to distribute them to stores and increase PR about her company. We talked about her networking with other women entrepreneurs and share links on their websites and also about the possibility of getting a rep to bring her product line into their showroom. She is exploring a lot of ideas for distribution and marketing. If you have a suggestion for how Abby can distribute her products, she would love to hear from you! Check out her cute products on her website at

Check out Abby Miller’s profile page too, to learn more about how she launched her business and her advice to other entrepreneurs.


  1. Tiffany Mowry

    I am not able to get onto the website..I would love to purchase some merchandise, but can’t find it anywhere. Can you advise. thanks!

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