Start Up with Odawalla Super Food if your Blender is Broken!

So, I’ve been mourning the loss of my beloved blender. It’s dead. I need to return it or buy my dream blender, a Vitamix or Blend-tec. So, I have gone back to buying the pricey, but good Odawalla Super Food juice (GREEN). It’s delicious, I love it but it’s $8.48 a jug. Ouch. But, I have to start up my day with either a green spinach fruit smoothie (2 c spinach, 1 frozen banana, 6 frozen strawberries, 1 c rice milk) or else I have to have Odawalla Super Food. This juice is found at health food stores and some grocery stores including Costco. I have bought it on trips at CVS before and even at the airport! It has wheat grass in it and barley grass which make it green, but is very sweet because of the fruit; it lasts about 2 weeks in the fridge, but I drink it up in a week. The greens are super good for instant energy/iron!


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