Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Picks Penelope Peapod

Tonight I read in Hudson’s Childrenswear Review about all of the celebrities doing advertising and that models are not doing major campaigns anymore. It never really occurred to me, nor did I really care, however, I do care now that I am in retail and brands feel that they have to hire famous people to promote their products. The article talked about Disney, Club Libby Lu, and other child and teen brands that are using celebrities. We live in a society that is obsessed with celebrities! Aaah. I wish we could just all think for ourselves and not rely on what toy Reese Witherspoon or Gwyneth Paltrow are buying their daughters for Christmas. If you must know, it’s Penelope Peapod. And yes, she is darn cute. I would have bought one for my daughter even if they hadn’t mentioned that these actresses already have “approved” of these toys. As if Reese and Gwyneth are Santa’s elves or something! However, what does appeal to me as a mother is that this toy won a spot in the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio for 2007! The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio awards are always spectacular products. Check out Penelope Peapod: www.penelopepeapod.com. Adorable! I’d love to meet the designer/founder, Start Up Princess, Shelagh Herzog. I already emailed her.


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