Teach Your Husband To PITCH

Tonight I overheard my husband pitching my business plan for me while he was on the phone with yet another potential investor who owns a chain of home improvement stores in Utah. I got nervous. I started giving him lines to say, I started sweating. “He doesn’t have it down right. He’ll botch it up,” I thought. But even if he didn’t get all the details right, I have to hug him for even TALKING about MY BUSINESS to his client. When the investor said, “I don’t really have that much to invest right now,” Matt said, “She only needs $20,000 to start.” Then the guy said for Matt to bring over the plan and he’s there right now. So, you never know…I don’t have an established relationship with this gentleman, but my husband does. So, it was great that Matt could help me out.

But tomorrow I need to spend a few minutes updating him on the revisions.

Rachael Herrscher said that she also had a Financial Advisor that used to pitch for Today’s Mama to his clients, what a nice guy to have on her side! He got some leads for her and it helped her to get the word out.

Now that she’s got the funding she needs and is preparing for her BIG NEW YORK PRESS TOUR (not jealous or anything! :)) She says to just let everyone know that you talk to that you are fundraising for your business and let them know exactly how much you need.

I will let you know:

*I need $20,000 to start product development this Fall.* I am applying for a Microloan but the interest is at 13% and I can only get $10,000 from them. So, I’m looking for additional funds.

If you want to help pitch for me…let me know. I’ll teach you the “pitch.”


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