Inspiration and Blessings for My Friends

Yesterday I had the privilege of hearing one of our church’s leaders, President Thomas S. Monson speak. He had some beautiful wisdom to share.

“No man is a failure who has friends.” (This is a quote from a movie called Mr. Kruegar’s Christmas with Jimmy Stewart). I love that!! I completely agree that if I have any success at all in my business it is BECAUSE of my friends and the people in business that have BECOME MY FRIENDS and their generosity and help.

“Be ready at all times to share the hope that is in you.” This is beautiful too…and has many applications. I blogged recently about being prepared at all times when the investor showed up at my house. There’s a myriad of reasons WHY you should be prepared, suddenly you meet a reporter, a potential client, a partner…a graphic designer. If you are excited and hopeful about life, your business, you’ll get them excited and enrolled in your concept!

Lastly he blessed the audience:

“I bless you that you may have the desires of your hearts. Be patient, for The Lord’s time table is not your own. Pray always. Live as you should. Let Him know the desires of your hearts and you will qualify for the blessings you seek.”

WOW> I will hold onto that.

Today’s Magic Wand: Put your trust in God, pray always, and be hopeful! He cares about the desires of your heart.


  1. newspapergrl

    Kelly, you summed this up beautifully. I remember hearing a Jewish intellectual speak. Some don’t believe in a personal God. But he did and we do. A God who cares what you eat, what you say, how you spend your time, and yes, even your business. Businesses can be looked at as a way to provide for families and to find meaning and growth. God does care about the desires of your heart and knows what is written there. He responds himself or sends others to. You are a great example of this.

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