F-L-Y means: Finally Loving Yourself (FLY LADY REPORT #1)

Ever wonder what “FLY Lady” means? Marla Cilley’s title is great for her because she’s also a professional fly fisher-woman! I used to think it just meant that you clean so fast you “fly.” But, not really. The Fly Lady wants everyone to love themselves first because then they will have something to give to their family and home…she told us on Saturday at the American Mothers conference to stop being a martyr and hating to clean our homes, that as we clean it should be “home blessing” not “home cleaning.”

I’m sold on her concept. I’m already on Day #1 of her FREE program. I am going to join the other 5 MILLION people around the globe who receive her daily emails and reminders.

Ironically this Start Up Princess of home cleaning and organization doesn’t have a very organized website, that is my only problem with the FLy Lady. She needs to apply her tips to her site! Just 15 minutes a day and soon the homepage won’t be 30 pages long. It’s rather a mess, but if you can wade through it, you’ll find a lot of free info there. The site is www.flylady.net. She has some great books too and she writes for over 200 newspapers.

Fly Lady calls everyone who starts her progam a “Fly baby” so, I am a Start Up Princess Fly Baby now. I started her program today (look on her site on the left under “beginner babysteps”). Day one is to clean your sink. I knew this was her first step, but I never fully did the program until today. So, I followed her complete instructions which took about 1 hour total (but not really because a lot of that was letting the bleach soak). It really did shine like she said and I even took a photo. NOT KIDDING. I will post the photo above the sink to remind myself and my family what the sink should look like. I have no idea what day 2 will say because she commanded me not to peek until day 2 so I don’t get overwhelmed. So, I obeyed.

One of the things I really liked about Marla Cilley is that she really is passionate about what she does and how she’s been able to help others. She’s a Christian woman and it was a beautiful thing as she acknowledged God’s hand in her life and in helping her overcome her own chaos and provide tools others could follow as well. She said that women all over are super creative but because they have chaos they never get to their creativity because they “don’t have time”, she said that “don’t have time” really means “I don’t have time to do it perfectly.” So, they don’t try. Then they hate themselves because they haven’t mastered keeping their home clean and orderly. There’s no point to that! She said that a home cleaned imperfectly still blesses the family! 🙂 I love that.

Today’s Magic Wand: If you’re interested, start The Fly Lady schedule with me…we’ll be on the same week. Go to her Beginner BabySteps page or click here.


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