Honey, Are You Dressed & Showered? Is the House Clean? I’m Bringing Home an INVESTOR in 3 minutes

My husband, the well-meaning guy that he is, called me as he and his client were driving down the street (in separate cars)…to OUR HOUSE. So, it’s a darn GOOD thing I pay attention to promptings (at least try). I decided to make it a cleaning day and had spent the morning cleaning the living room. I had just printed out a copy of my most up to date Business Plan this morning. I had just showered (it was 1pm, afterall) and my babies were napping (what a blessing!) and I was almost ready, so I hurried and finished my mascara and picked up a couple of toys…knock, knock.

My husband’s client came in “waiting” for my husband to get him something and we were introduced, and as he was “waiting” I pitched. I showed him the video pitch, I gave him my business plan and of all the people in Utah County that could finance this he is one of them that could do the whole darn thing…all phases of it. He has 5 girls aged 2-17 and knows all about Princesses. He took a copy of the plan, a copy of the video pitch and will show it to his company…they just purchased another company with many retail locations so this fits with their scope and investments.

Today’s Magic Wand:

You never know who will walk through your door, you better be prepared. I’m glad I was (mostly). Wish me luck!


  1. 1 You Gotta Have Faith In Yourself and In Your Business « StartUpPrincess.com

    […] A couple of weeks ago I had an investor (my husband’s client) literally drop by my house with 3 minutes notice and I pitched to him and it went very well. You can read the post here, if you missed it. This week I have been building up my courage to call him back and ask him what he thought of my plan, but I’ve been a bit nervous about. But, today he came over again so I had the opportunity to ask him in person. I just started a little conversation with him and then after a couple of minutes I said, “have you had a chance to look at my business plan?” And his answer surprised me, he said, “Yes, I have looked at it quite a lot.” I was encouraged so then I said, “would you like to discuss it some more?” Then he said I could set up an appointment with him to talk more. Super! But now, that I’ve had time to think about it…why did I doubt??? Why was I surprised that he wanted to discuss it more? I had visualized this would happen and it did, so when he was telling me, why was I surprised? Doubt not, fear not!! I do believe in myself, I know God has always and continually puts people in my path that furthers both Sweet & Charming and Start Up Princess…but I realized today in that moment of surprise that I half expected him to say “No, I’ve been too busy, I’m sorry…I’ll look at it soon.” Or something similar. I’ve heard these replies before…but each and every contact is a NEW OPPORTUNITY. I AM PREPARED. I am ready…it’s just a matter of finding the right person. […]

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