REJUVENATION at LAST: A Visit to Main Spring Day Spa

If you haven’t noticed from my week’s posts I’ve been a bit burned out, tired, stressed, overwhelmed, blah, blah, blah. I needed to do something for myself, BY MYSELF. It seems I am always connected to my sweet baby, a blessing for sure, but I needed to rejuvenate and do some self-nurturing. So, I cashed in my Anniversary present tonight and had an “European Getaway” at Main Spring Day Spa in Orem. It was HEAVEN! The first hour was private sauna/jacuzzi and then the second hour was a VERY wonderful massage by Brooke Andrus. I had never done that 1-2 punch before. I’ve been in lots of jacuzzis and I’ve had lots of massages, but that combo, was amazing. I highly recommend it. (Only $50 too. I thought it was great because a lot of people charge $50 just for an hour massage.)

During the private jacuzzi (you wear your swim suit) part, I just tried to relax, be in the moment, de-stress, and meditate. It was hard at first to tune out all of the mental chatter from home, family, and work, but after a few minutes I was able to just tune in to the beautiful relaxing moment and just “be.” I prayed, I gave thanks, I asked that my muscles would loosen up and be at rest. I loved the jets hitting my back and shoulders. I could have slept all night in there.

Then I went into the massage room and while I was waiting for Brooke to return, I almost fell asleep because I was so relaxed, but there was this annoying “ticking” of the clock that distracted me and I wondered if it would be rude to say something, but then I decided that I was the customer, so I should. I asked Brooke if there was any way that she could remove the clock off the wall because it was reminding me that I was under a deadline (only one hour), not exactly what I wanted to remember during my blissful massage. After she graciously removed the clock, I wondered how many other customers had been there and not noticed, had the owner had a massage in there? Did it bother anyone else or just me? I tried not to think of business and went back into the zone for about 30 minutes until I realized that Brooke was really good. I had been resistant to going to a new person because my former massage therapist since I was 18 recently moved to New Mexico. She was so great she even came to my house after I had my baby. So, when I realized that Brooke was really good I complimented her style and lyrical, dance-like strokes and movement. It was as if she was a dancer. I told her how impressed I was and that I was disappointed that my previous therapist had moved, but I could be very happy with her as a replacement. She then told me that her teacher was my former therapist! Amazing. I thanked God for the gift of a new therapist and friend. We talked a bit about how she should market herself to get more clients and I gave her some ideas. Then I went back into the zone…aaah.

Tonight’s Magic Wand: Book a Massage. (I don’t care if you don’t have grocery money, you will find something to eat, promise.) If you go to Main Spring Day Spa, ask for Brooke.


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