Introducing Start Up Princess Deb Discenza, Founder of Preemie Magazine

dscf0909.jpgI am excited to introduce you to Deb Discenza, Founder and Editor of Preemie Magazine from Springfield, Virginia. I met Deb a month ago because she stumbled upon this site and wrote me a comment on the site! I was so impressed, I invited her to be a Start Up Princess. We had a delightful chat last week and we’ve emailed several times about business, she’s even going to look for some  vendors for me in Vegas next week at the Kids Expo. She’s a friend, a proactive mom and an amazing entrepreneur I admire!

Deb started her business, Preemie Magazine because her own daughter, Becky was born 10 weeks early and she was suddenly thrown into a foreign world; a world filled with stress, fear, and medical intervention that was completely new to her and her husband. As a new mom, Becky wanted information that would help her to become a better mother and understand her daughter’s needs as a preemie baby. She started to read parenting magazines, but could not relate to the stories of full-term babies. Her baby needed on-going treatments and support from medical staff and had several developmental delays. Deb has a master’s degree in English and was experienced in magazine publishing, so she decided to create her own magazine! Now she has major advertisers and partnerships.

Preemie magazine is a FREE resource for parents and doctors with a 100,000 circulation nationally! They are growing strong and are going to be doing a bi-monthly edition in 2007 and also planning their first conference.

I was surprised to learn that premature babies need on-going support through the first several years of life, and parents of preemies need to be educated and encouraged to keep positive about their child’s development. Deb has identified a niche market that unfortunately has a very large and growing audience. Once a mother has a preemie baby, it is likely that she will have another one, sometimes even earlier…Deb wants to support these parents and give them resources to assist them in these stressful times and provides HOPE.
Thank you, Deb for making a difference!! Read Deb Discenza’s profile page for more about her advice to Start Up Princesses


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