Laughter is the BEST Medicine.

I was feeling sorry for myself today because almost ALL of my systems are failing me miserably! I worked hard all summer to figure out my “systems” to make life run smoothly for my family, home, and business, and now nearly all except my #1 rule of “always use paper plates, unless it’s a party” are nearly defunct. AAAH!! It happened right after Vegas. We got back from our trip and never fully picked up the pieces, I had the Networking Tea Party, then my First Board Meeting, then the First Day of School, then my Mom came (which was great), then Labor Day…so out went all of the discipline, the Fly Lady systems, my cleaning lady is unreliable, my blender broke (my green smoothie addiction is suffering miserably!) my early morning routine is half-hearted at best, my son punched a kid at school today! :(, my baby has a cold, the fridge is empty (I haven’t even had time to order from Grocery Guys!, and I’m afraid if anyone stops by unannounced they might report me to the health department! So, it’s time to rethink, recover, and re-implement the systems I know WORK. Fortunately my husband helped me clean up tonight and my friend, Laurie Carruth wrote me a hilarious email that brightened my day and made me forget all of the dumb “to do’s”!!

So, I will brighten yours:

Background: Laurie is pregnant and just found out she is having her 3rd girl. She is totally shocked, but pleased, because she loves kids and might as well be “Mrs. Rogers”, she’s an aspiring children’s author…so, you know she has to be clever. She was my London Study Abroad room-mate and has been a dear chum of mine for 13 years! WOW. I’m so lucky. Actually we’re all lucky. Enjoy this! 🙂

06-08-15-molly-and-laurie-9jpg.jpg Here is cute & pregnant Laurie and Molly at the beach.

She writes:

Here’s the latest. Did I tell you that we found out we are filling the
house with yet another girl? According to my measurements the estimated arrival
is December 25. Feliz Navidad! I think I told you that I was 100% positive
I was having a boy, which if funny because I was 100% positive the last two
were boys too. It goes to show that my woman’s intuition is completely
accurate- when I’m choosing the opposite of what will happen. We are very
excited to have another girl since we feel like we know what we’re doing –
also, they are super cute. Scott is excited because we don’t have to buy
anything else. That’s what he thinks.

My sister Kristen thinks I should name her Mary Kristen. Yeah, that’s a
GREAT one. I have decided I will either name her Truly Benevolent Noel or
name her Kristen Eve, depending on when she shows up. (Totally kidding, by
the way – no names picked out yet.) Don’t think that Truly B. Noel is made
up either. Kristen’s sister-in-law was born on Christmas Eve and that’s
what her parents named her! To make it even worse, her last name is Wright
so all her school papers say Truly Wright. I’m sure she can’t wait to get
married. What I can’t understand is that Truly’s mother also had a nutty
name. Mrs. Wright was once Miss Shelly. I guess her parents really didn’t
want her to forget her name so they named their little girl Shelly. That’s
right, Shelly Shelly. Maybe we’ll name her Carruth Carruth.

Sibling rivalry might come into play this time. Molly gets mad when I pick
up other babies (by mad I mean YELLS and tried to knock the kid out of my
arms – this is not a good sign). Emily doesn’t seem to mind that she’s
getting another sister, she didn’t care the first time either. At least now
we can say there’s a sister in my tummy. She used to ask me if Molly was in
there again or she’ll tell me that one of her cousins is inside me. She
doesn’t get that once they’re out they are out for good. THANK GOODNESS!

I’m super impressed with your website. You are amazing. I am tired. Must
sleep. Must do jobs. Must install tampon machine in bathroom for prom
dress money.


Today’s Magic Wand: LAUGH OUT LOUD. If you don’t, I will come and personally tickle you. 🙂


  1. Totally laughing out loud. I need a friend to send me funny emails like that every day. I don’t know which is funnier..Truly Wright or Shelly Shelly..poor kids!

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