Reconnect with Lost Friends through Blogging!

This weekend I received comments on this site from two different friends that I had lost track of over the years, I was so grateful that they googled me and found this site. What a blessing the internet is…and blogs are a great place to help locate one another. Every time I look at my blog stats I get views because of google, yahoo, and other search engines people googling me, my company, or OTHER PEOPLE I WRITE ABOUT. The reason I get views for other people is because these individuals aren’t blogging or updating their own websites regularly. I don’t mind getting views for other people…however, just passing on the hint that you might consider getting a blog going because it will be helpful for you, finding your long lost relatives and friends, and particularly your company! Start Up Princess, Liz Rosenbaum just launched her blog last week and it already has hundreds of views, check it out, She does a GREAT job of including photos and it is such a well designed site, would you it expect anything less from a professional scrapbooker?? Great work, Liz! But, you don’t have to hire anyone to start…my blog, although I envy Liz’s look and style, was FREE. It’s a starting place, now I know people read it, I’ll put some money into it sometime soon to redesign it, so it has a bit of personality. Until then, I’m just grateful it is a place to call home on the vast world wide web.


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