Creativity is The Key to Reaching Kids

My business, sweet & charming will succeed if we capture and keep the attention of families…so I am always on the look out of how people use creativity in teaching and talking to children.

On Friday night my family attended The Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. While the stories were great fun, I was the most impressed with how the MC introduced the event. SHE was amazing.

The event took place outside at The Scera Shell in Orem where the grass creates a “bowl” and they set up chairs in the front and then blankets on the hill part. The professional stage is at the bottom of the hill. Children took advantage of the hill and were rolling down and having a wonderful time, however, the event staff didn’t want them to continue this activity, particularly while the show was in progress. The MC started out by saying, “Good Evening. Are there any boys and girls in the audience?” Then all the kids immediately paid attention. Then she said, “We need your help. All of the moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas, want to roll down the hill…we need you to be on the look out and make sure they don’t do it.” Then a child continued to roll down the hill and she said, “Hey kid! You’re setting a bad example for the Grandma at the top of the hill!” He stopped but then kept going, then she said, “Stop now or I’ll feed you to the Giant.” Then he stopped, we all laughed and she made her point. There was one Grandpa that rolled down after that, but when the Giant came he didn’t do it again. 🙂

I teach 2 1/2 year old children at church and there are 9 in our class. Every week I am amazed that when we include some sort of activity with the lesson that they participate and get excited. Yesterday’s lesson was about “Being A Good Friend” and so I made them paper dolls that hold hands and we talked about our “friends” and they wrote their names on the center doll and put their friends names on the dolls on either side. They loved their little paper dolls.

At home creativity is also the key for us. But it takes effort to be creative, so I am trying to make more of an effort at home…but, when we are creative it helps. On Saturday my kids were taking a long time to clean up their rooms and so I remembered something from Linda Eyre’s article on Today’s Mama site. She said she gives the kids warning and then the “monster” comes and eats whatever is on the ground and they have to earn their stuff back. My kids LOVED this and got so excited and hurried and put their stuff away, but they still wanted to see the “monster”. But then the “monster” was just a Target sack, it was very disappointing to them, so I need to actually MAKE a “monster” bag. I hope this helps my family keep their stuff cleaned up.

Today’s Magic Wand: When things aren’t working with your family (or your business) try to be more creative in your approach. Adults and kids will listen and it will be more rewarding for you as well.

Please share with us how you’ve been creative in reaching others!


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