Patience is a Virtue I Need to Learn or is it YOGA?

Apparently I am supposed to learn patience. It has been showing up for me all week…

Example #1 My Video Pitch that is supposed to go up on Funding Universe any day needs one teeny tiny edit change and it has taken over 2 months to get an editor to do it. The first editor moved to Japan the day after he delivered it to me, the second editor tried but failed, and the third one is still working on another project and I have to wait yet another week. Ugh.

Example #2 Our Condo is supposed to be rented out, and we’ve had 3 failed contracts lately. The most recent one was tonight. Ugh.

Example #3 I only do laundry 2 times a week, today was the day and a turqoise crayon got the best of a load today and I had to rewash the same load 3 times, scrub, and use a variety of tricks (none of which worked) and I still have the same about of laundry to do tomorrow. Ugh.

Example #4 I learned today that NONE of my links on this site were working. Hey, 3000+ viewers, please tell me these details!! šŸ™‚ I spent an hour fixing links tonight. Ugh.

Example #5 I have 3 kiddos that required a heightened level of patience today.

Today’s Magic Wand: Stretch, do some Yoga and deep breathe for 10 minutes at least…Aaah…


  1. Liz

    Yoga is on my list of things to learn…so maybe we should figure it out together! I’m definitely not a patient person – so you are doing better than I would have, given the same situations. I think I would have ripped my hair out by now!

    p.s. Nice work on fixing the links! (wink, wink)

  2. Liz, I will introduce you to Start Up Princess Kathleen Olsen, a private Yoga instructor. We will be featuring her soon…

    The best yoga move I do is “down dog” and “cat”, I need to learn more…

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