Introducing Start Up Princess Rachael Herrscher/Today’s Mama Receives Funding

rachael-head-shot.jpgTwo months ago I emailed Rachael in hopes that she would share some tips with me about finding a management team; we had never met before and I didn’t know if she would respond or even be willing to help me out. I had heard she was a go-getter from a mutual acquaintance and was in the same boat as I was. So, I emailed her out of the blue and introduced myself and shortly thereafter I received a wonderful, enthusiastic, and kind reply. I loved her instantly. She congratulated me on my new venture and offered to include me in her Linked In network. We have since chatted briefly on the phone a couple of times between putting out fires at home with kids, emailed back and forth at midnight, but never have met in person…yet. I can’t wait! I’ve been impressed with Rachael from the get go and admire all that she and her co-founder/CFO, Stephanie Peterson have accomplished over the last two years in getting Today’s Mama launched and build it to the national company it is shortly becoming.

Today’s Mama is for EVERY mama in America. It will be a household name, so, check them out, if you haven’t already. This is a multi-faceted company that offers a variety of services and products for mamas, including entrepreneurial mamas! (This is my favorite part of their business.) They offer website space for mamas to sell their handmade, creative goods and even warehouse and ship for them so mamas can tend to their little ones and not interface with consumers. Great concept!

They also have the “Mama Handbook” which is available in a few different states and regions now and they are selling franchises for these for a very reasonable fee. These books are re-published/updated annually and feature activities and classes that apply to the specific region where purchased.

Today’s Mama also has a radio show for Utahns every Wednesday morning on B98.7 at 8:30 am where she talks about events for families in the area. She also alerts families with e-newsletters, her state specific websites…there is just too much to discuss here!

Apparently I’m not the only one who is impressed with Today’s Mama because they just received funding last week and I couldn’t be more happy for them. Rachael is now planning a book/press tour and the company is going to be experiencing some serious growth in the near future. She is selling franchises like crazy too! So, congrats to Rachael and Stephanie and Today’s Mama investors!

Rachael is quite the character too. As I was complimenting her the other night on her branding/graphic design, she told me who her designers were and my mouth dropped. I couldn’t believe they could use the talent she has hired so early, but she reminded me that they have no overhead and that she works in her basement which she said was a bit “ghetto with a sippy cup, and an Elmo party hat on my desk.” Read her delightful and funny profile on our site. Can’t wait for us all to meet and get more acquainted with Rachael at our Networking Tea Parties soon. Read her profile under Start Up Princess profiles.


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    […] Meet Today’s Mama Co-Founder and CFO, Stephanie Peterson.  Stephanie and Rachael Herrscher, Co-Founder were walking down the mall one day discussing how to find a good swimming class when it dawned on them that there should be more resources for mamas…hence, they developed their now nationally booming business and have since landed angel funding and are working on many innovative ways to reach Today’s Mamas. […]

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